Margaret T. Reilly Elementary


School Supply lists are also available by the front entrance doors to the school. The campus is still under renovations but you can still drive the the lot to pick up a flyer.

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Attach are forms addressing safety from our superintendent, Dr. Paul Cruz.

At this time the Kinder Mandarin Dual Language program is closed.

WE will update this page if updates become available.

MULTILINGUAL SCHOOL. Reilly is a two-way dual language school that enables students to learn how to read, write, and think in two languages as some subjects are taught primarily in Spanish and others in English.

Homelessness/Project Help

If you need assistance with food, clothing, school supplies, or outside services and resources, please contact our Parent Support Specialist  Mrs. Hinojosa at 512-414-4464

Attached is a link that will take you to the Project Help website. 



Corrine Saenz



The Department of Public Safety's (DPS) Mentor Program and partnership with Reilly Elementary began during the 1997-98 school year, when the school’s counselor explored the idea of tapp

Reilly Elementary Supply List for 2017-2018