Margaret T. Reilly Elementary

Fine Arts

Elizabeth Lemich

This is a photo of Mrs. Lemich

Ms. Lemich is from Marion, Texas.  She attended Texas State University where she received a BFA in Studio Art.  She has been teaching for 1.5 years and enjoys printmaking, painting, and cooking.  Ms. Lemich enjoys teaching children how to explore various art mediums, appreciate art history, and find their own artistic style. She believes "every child is an artist".


La Sra. Lemich es de Marion, Texas. Ella asistió a la Universidad del Estado de Tejas, donde recibió un BFA en Arte de Estudio. Ha sido docente durante 1.5 años y disfruta de grabado, pintura y cocina. La Sra. Lemich disfruta enseñando a los niños a explorar distintos medios del arte, historia del arte para apreciar y encontrar su propio estilo artístico. Ella cree que "cada niño es un artista".


Ricardo Cabrera-Diaz

This is a photo of Mr. Cabrera-Diaz.

Mr. Cabrera is from San German, Puerto Rico.  He attended Interamerican University where he received a Bachelor's degree in Music Education.  Mr. Cabrera has sixteen years of teaching experience.  He enjoys playing guitar, writing songs, watching movies, and spending time with family. The thing he enjoys most about teaching is making music and connecting with the kids. Mr. Cabrera previously taught and did missionary work in Spain.  This is his first year in Austin, Texas and he's very happy to be here.