Margaret T. Reilly Elementary

Life Skills

Desirae Turner

This is a photo of Mrs. Turner

Ms. Turner is from San Angelo, Texas.  She attended the University of Texas at Austin where she earned a Bachelor's degree in English, Sociology, and African-American Studies. Ms. Turner has been teaching for five years.  She enjoys running, spending time with friends, and watching sports.  Ms. Turner enjoys. "Seeing my students' progress. I like seeing them rejoice and celebrate their accomplishments."

Judith Martin

This is a photo of Judith Martin

Ms. Martin is from Clinton, Iowa.  She attended the University of Iowa where she received a Bachelor's degree in Education.  She's been teaching for eleven years.  She enjoys gardening, hiking, swimming, and reading.  She likes helping students and teaching them that, "They can do it!"  Ms. Martin's parents were teachers and her daughter is also a teacher at Webb Middle School.

LouAnn Garza

Ms. Garza is from Cedar Park, Texas.  She attended TSTC where she earned a Liberal Arts Associates degree.  She's been working as a teaching assistant for three years.  Ms. Garza enjoys singing, swimming, and socializing.  She enjoys, "Being a part of a child's journey at Reilly and seeing their growth."