Margaret T. Reilly Elementary School

Third Grade

Third Grade Spanish Teacher

Laura Albero Pardo

My name is Laura Albero and I am from Spain. I’ve been in education for 19 years now. I’ve been teaching different grades, but mostly 6th in a Bilingual School. I also was part of the administration for 4 years. I decided to come to the US to learn about a different educational system. Here I’ve been teaching kindergarten and 4th grade, and now I am having the wonderful and grateful experience of teaching PreKindergarten. I am very happy becoming part of the Reilly community and with my awesome class of Pre Kinder students!


Third Grade English Teacher

Caroline Adams


Third Grade Mandarin Teacher

Shengshui Yun


Hi, I am Mr. Yun and I'm the 3rd and 4th grade Mandarin teacher. I was born and raised in China. I graduated from UT Austin with an Education Major in Early Childhood Education and it's my third year with Reilly! I enjoy teaching kids and witnessing their growth. When I'm not teaching I like to travel and do road trips to different places. If you would like to reach me, you can call/text my work number (361)752-7014 or email me.